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Aerobatic trial lesson at Wellesbourne Mountford
Rated 5.0/5
Based on 1 customer review
Cost: £140.00

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Product review: A Twist in the Tale by , 5 Oct 14 5/5 Excellent "I found it pretty easy to book, but the weather was the problem. It was booked for my birthday, April, but I took it in September...A crisp day with nice fluffy clouds. Perfect. We drove from Nuneaton, which is not that far away. I had been to the market at Wellesbourne before, so knew roughly where to find the centre. My boyfriend tucked into the full English breakfast, followed by a coffee, but a bottle of water for me, for obvious reasons. Price of food was excellent and the service was done with a smile, even though the recipient had a slight grimace on her face. I was greated by a young lady, who, as I overheard, was learning to fly herself. Mmmm..."not for me" I think. The aeroplane was quite small and compact (not a parachute in sight). Although we had to refuel, it was worth it. The safety checks were very good, and the instructor assured me that the sick bags were there and the handle under my seat was NOT the flushing chain for the loo!!!! All my fears were up there with the clouds. And my stomach was in my throat... The take-off was cool, smooth, and the sun was high in the sky. Being a lady of the middle years, I tend to get HOT at certain times, which was to be my downfall. We headed off to the M4...no, not to land there, but to use it as a land mark, to base the aerobatics on. I took control of the plane after some tuition, to do a loop de loop. That was fine, then the pilot took control and things got rather HOT for me. After two loops, we did two barrel rolls and then a vertical climb with a tail slide. The tail slid and then my stomach followed. DO IT, it is worth it, unless you are travel sick. After collecting my certificate and flying hours, I went to the cafe for a cup off tea and a well earned sit down on firm ground. It was ace. Many thanks. "

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