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Aerobatic trial lesson at Bodmin
Rated 5.0/5
Based on 3 customer reviews
Cost: £125.00

star rating
Product review: fly be free by , 9 Sep 14 5/5 Excellent "The lady I spoke to on the phone was helpful and pleasant. Arranging the date and time was very easy. Weather was excellent so everything went according to plan. We found the venue easily and the facillities were very good. Staff were friendly and knowledgable and made it clear we could relax and enjoy the facilities.
The experience was a gift for my son's birthday.The briefing was excellent and everything was fully explained. My son was happy and and felt safe and his questions were answered well. The experience was a gift for my son's birthday. He thoroughly enjoyed the experience and was all smiles when he landed. He said he would love to do it again There was plenty of photo opportunities throughout and staff told us when they were coming in to land so we could easily take photos. We were made very welcome and there was no rush to leave. The staff made sure we knew where we could take the pictures and capture the whole event. "

Experience no longer available

Sorry, but the selected experience is no longer available.

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