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Tandem Skydiving Experience at Beccles

£292.50 inc. VAT

Skydiving Experience
Tandem Skydiving Experience
Tandem Skydive from 2 miles high! Securely harnessed to your instructor you will be in freefall for 50 seconds with speeds in excess of 120mph then instructor deploys the parachute and then enjoy a 7 minute canopy ride back to the ground.

This experience will last a total of approx. 90 minutes. (We don't compromise on your time in the air. When comparing us with others, check the small print and the time actually spent in the air.)

What's included

Make a Tandem Skydive from 2 miles high! Securely harnessed to your tandem skydiving instructor, you will be in freefall for 50 seconds doing speeds in excess of 120mph for the first mile of the skydive before your tandem instructor deploys the parachute. Once the parachute has been deployed he will guide you through a 7 minute canopy ride before returning you safely back to terra firma.
To experience every aspect of our sport on your very first jump, a Tandem Skydive is just the thing!
Following a short pre-jump briefing, you will experience the thrill of freefall and even learn the basics of steering and landing a modern 'square' gliding parachute, while securely attached to a highly experienced Instructor.All tandem instructors are very experienced freefall parachutists who hold BPA Tandem Instructor ratings.
You will have a parachute specially designed for two people. You'll take an aircraft to around 13,000ft (approx. 2 miles high!) where you'll leave the aircraft with your instructor.
Falling at 120mph, you descend to 5,000ft in around just 40 seconds, where your instructor will open the parachute and fly you safely back to earth! You'll have around 6 minutes under the parachute to enjoy breathtaking and unique views of the local area.
On the day of your Skydive your Instructor will explain in detail what you will have to do and what will take place during the flight up, the freefall descent and the ride down under the parachute. This briefing normally takes around 20 minutes.
After this, you will be provided with a skydiver's jumpsuit to go over your clothes. After fitting the tandem parachute harness (and appropriate headgear and goggles) it will take just 20 to 25 minutes on the way up in the aircraft - then it's out into the blue!

Special Conditions

Available 7 days a week.
All prices cover the entire experience including equipment hire and temporary membership to the BPA.
Please wear comfortable clothing such as a track suit, and a pair of trainers.
You do not have to be super fit or tough to do a Tandem Skydive, but you must be in generally good health.
You must be at least 16 years of age and if you are under 18 you will require a parent or guardian's consent.
There are no formal upper age limits to Tandem Skydiving, so long as you are in good health.
All parachutists will be required to sign a declaration of medical fitness.
In the case of any person over the age of 40, a BPA Medical Certificate signed by a doctor is required. This will be forwarded to you if you make a booking.
The upper weight limit is approx. 15.5 stone, please contact us if you are near this limit.
BPA membership included.


Each voucher entitles one person to participate in this experience. The voucher is non-transferable, which means that only the person named on the voucher can use it. The voucher remains valid for bookings for 12 months from the date of purchase. Please contact the operator using the details printed on your voucher to arrange a date for your event.

Booking your event

We recommend that you purchase your voucher and make a booking for your event at least one month prior to your chosen date. This is particularly important for weekend events.


Event takes place at Beccles in Suffolk
Beccles, Suffolk NR34 7TE.


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"I would like to thank you for providing the opportunity for us to book an experience flying lesson for my Dad for his birthday which he thoroughly enjoyed. We were extremely impressed with the efficency and professionalism of your service and would always use you again in the future and will recommend you to anyone who is interested in this kind of gift to give to someone."

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