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Fly silently over the beautiful Welsh countryside at Llantisilio

£108.00 inc. VAT

Gliding experience
Fly silently over the beautiful Welsh countryside
Glide as smoothly and as freely as any bird using the natural energy of the sun and air. Experience includes includes a winch tow to 900-1500 feet. Once 'free' you can take the controls under supervision and start to fly.

This experience will last a total of approx. 1 hour, with approx. 30 minutes spent in the air. (We don't compromise on your time in the air. When comparing us with others, check the small print and the time actually spent in the air.)

What's included

What could be better on a gorgeous, sunny day than flying silently along, using the natural energy of the sun and air to glide as smoothly and as freely as any bird?
Once pre flight checks and operations are complete the pilot will give the order to connect the cable. Once attached, further safety checks are done (to ensure no other aircraft are in the way or on approach). The order "Take up Slack" starts the winch driver slowly reeling in the cable until there is no slack left. Then the order "All out" is given and winching begins!
The glider will accelerate very quickly and within a few seconds will be airborne. It will continue to accelerate until it reaches a certain speed at which point it will be rotated into a climb. After a while the pull of the winch will reduce the angle of the climb and the cable will be released. Typically, the glider will now be at 900 - 1,500 feet (300 - 450m) above the airfield. The glider is now a free aircraft and can start searching for lift to increase its flying time.
It is during this stage of the flight that you can start flying. This is not as dangerous as it may sound -the aircraft should fly normally even if no one held the controls!
Furthermore, training gliders are stable, placid and very forgiving.
The first thing you will learn is to fly straight and level and perhaps to do gentle turns. At some point the glider will reach a certain altitude and will have to return to the airfield.
The pilot will take over for the landing and soon you will be starting descent on final approach. Airbrakes will be used to control the descent speed and angle as, unlike a powered aircraft, a glider has to "dive" toward the ground. Just above the ground the glider "rounds out" and flies just above the ground and gently looses height until the ground is touched.

Special Conditions

Maximum weight 16stone
Maximum Height 6' 4"


Each voucher entitles one person to participate in this experience. The voucher is transferable, which means that anyone can use it. The voucher remains valid for bookings for 12 months from the date of purchase. Please contact the operator using the details printed on your voucher to arrange a date for your event.

Booking your event

We recommend that you purchase your voucher and make a booking for your event at least one month prior to your chosen date. This is particularly important for weekend events.


Event takes place at Llantisilio in Flintshire
Denbighshire, LL11 3BB.


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