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Stampe et Vertongen was a Belgian aircraft manufacturer and flying school based at Antwerp. Established in 1922 with Alfred Renard as its Chief Designer, the company designed a series of trainer/tourer aircraft in the 1920s and 1930s all prefixed RSV (for Renard, Stampe and Vertongen). In the early 1930s Alfred Renard left and the company designation prefix then changed to SV. The companies most successful design was the SV.4 of 1933 a light tourer/trainer biplane powered by a de Havilland Gipsy III engine. The Stampe SV.4 has become well known as just Stampe. Although only 35 were built before the war. A total of 940 were built mainly under licence by other companies.  More...


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Stampe flying lesson

Compared to the Tiger Moth which is what the aircraft was based on the Stampe is apparently much better to fly – unless of course you want the real nostalgia of knowing you are in a real piece of English history.

From a pilot’s point of view, the Stampe is more comfortable to fly - with adjustable seat height and much better visibility due to a larger windscreen.

The Stampe has 4 ailerons – two on the upper wings and two on the lower wings. The original Tiger Moths only had them on the Lower wing. The extra control surfaces on the wings mean that the aircraft is faster in the roll – thus making it a better machine for Aerobatics training.

On the Stampe the tail skid was replaced with a tail wheel which means that unlike the Tiger Moth the Stampe can be flown from a tarmac runway meaning that all round year flight is a reality. The Tigers are often grounded due to wet ground.

The British built Tiger Moth had no brakes although those that de Havilland built in Canada did – it also had an enclosed cockpit.



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Stampe flight Find out more about flight in a vintage biplane


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