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Random flying experience 1

A tactical approach to getting lots of flying for little money

Flying a 4-seat helicopter with empty seats is - or should be - a crime!!

Random flying experience 2

You're a 'total aviation person'. You want to get loads of time in the air but you can't find other people to come along and share the cost. We've got the answer! This experience brings together several like-minded people who all want to have a go a flying a helicopter, and will also get their jollies sitting on the back seat while somebody else gets a go. (Your author learnt to fly, and got sooo much good experience from 'blagging' rides in the back while other students were taking their lessons).

  • These flying lessons take place in 4-seat helicopters.
  • The instructor has one front seat and the person sitting next to the instructor has a full set of controls
  • Your other two new friends will sit on the back.
  • You will share a briefing beforehand, covering safety and how the helicopter actually flies
  • You will take turns to sit in the front and have a go, and those on the backseat can compare their performance and have a go at navigating.
  • That's three flights!. Packed with learning opportunities, amounting to around 20 minutes airborne!
  • Most locations will also supply you with a certificate, and the time spent flying definitely counts towards your total so you should get yourself a logbook so your instructor can make the first entry. A document which you will treasure for life.

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