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Flights in a Spitfire - make it happen!

Guide to flying experiences

Flights4all offers a wide choice of flying experiences around the UK which can make the perfect gift for a friend or relative celebrating a birthday, an anniversary or in recognition of a special achievement.

What you need to decide

In order to choose the perfect flying experience, you need to consider these things:

  • Location

    Flights from airfields around the UK

    There are over 400 airfields around the UK that are available to private pilots. These airfields vary from something that is little more that a grassed field to major airfields with tarmac runways where the private pilots share the runways and airspace with commercial airlines.

    When choosing where to fly from, consider whether you want to fly from near your home, or from another location. Remember, the best facilities and the widest choice may not be at the nearest airfield.

    Airfield Finder You can use our Airfield finder to find out more about airfields around the UK.

  • Price

    Simple and fun Microlight flights

    The cost of a flying event will depend principally on the duration of the experience and the type of aircraft. The cheapest aircraft to fly are usually microlights, with many gift vouchers available at under £100. Light aircraft and Tiger Moths offer mid prices, while the complexity and running costs of helicopters make these premium events.

    Events by priceYou can search our gifts by price range.

  • Aircraft type

    Adrenaline pumping Aerobatics flights

    Do you want to sit back and enjoy the view - a pleasure flight - or do you want to get your hands on the controls and begin to understand what it takes to fly the aircraft - a trial lesson? Make sure you choose the right type of experience!

    The final decision to be made is the type of aircraft that you or your friend would like to fly. If a fixed wing is more your style then your choice is between the simple efficiency of a microlight and the grace and potential of a light aircraft. Those interested in the history of aviation would definitely vote for the excitement of a Tiger Moth biplane flight, with its authentic 1930's feel. For those who survive on the pulses of adrenaline rushing through their veins it has to be the G-forces and aerial thrill of an Aerobatics experience.

    If you're feeling baffled then try one of our recommended gift vouchers, suitable for flying lessons at airfields around the country.

    More about aircraft You can find out more about each of these aircraft in our free guides: All about microlights, light aircraft, aerobatic aircraft, Spitfires, ballooning or helicopters.

    Experience by aircraft type Search for flights in paragliders, microlights, light aircraft, aerobatic aircraft, Tiger Moths, Vintage biplanes, hot air balloons or helicopters.

    Flight simulator Not sure you want to leave the ground? Search our flight simulator events.

Still can't decide?

If you're sure that you want to give a flying experience, but remain unsure which experience they would enjoy most, then you need a Hotseat Coupon. These coupons entitle the holder to cash them in against any flying experience on the Flights4all web site.

  • Coupons with face values from 25 - 300
  • Redeemable against any Flights4all flying event
  • Valid for 12 months

Other gift ideas

If a flying experience might not be exactly what you want, then take a look in our Gift Directory, where we have lots of other aviation related ideas that make excellent presents:

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