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Here are the results of your search, ordered by cost, with the cheapest last. You searched Flights4all for experiences classed as Skydiving Experience and found 9 offers which might be suitable. From here you can select an appropriate event and purchase it immediately online.

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Accelerated Freefall (AFF) Level 1 course at Beccles, Suffolk

East Anglia

Experience from Flights4all

Serious about becoming a Skydiver? Then this is for you. A minimum of 6 hours ground training. With the maximum amount of time in freefall, and the very best instructors at your side, you'll get the ultimate experience!

£ 411.25



Tandem Skydive from 10,000 feet at Errol, Perthshire


Experience from Flights4all

Your chance to experience skydiving in a controlled and safe manner After a short pre-flight briefing you will be fitted with a harness and be ready to go. On the way down you will get fantastic views of the local countryside

£ 387.50



Tandem Skydive to 10,000 feet at Dunkeswell, Devon


Experience from Flights4all

Feel the natural high that Tandem Skydiving will bring! After registration and a formal safety briefing you will be ready to take to the skies. Experience superb views of Southern England both from the aircraft and while parachuting down.

£ 305.00



Tandem Skydiving Experience at Beccles, Suffolk

East Anglia

Experience from Flights4all

Tandem Skydive from 2 miles high! Securely harnessed to your instructor you will be in freefall for 50 seconds with speeds in excess of 120mph then instructor deploys the parachute and then enjoy a 7 minute canopy ride back to the ground.

£ 292.50



Tandem Jump at Langar, Nottinghamshire


Experience from Flights4all

After a short pre-jump briefing you will experience the thrill of freefall (up to 120mph) and even learn the basics of steering and landing a modern gliding parachute, while securely attached to your instructor.

£ 286.25



SkyDive Experience at Redlands, Wiltshire


Experience from Flights4all

Skydive from 2 miles high! Less than 60 minutes from our Capital, this offers a unique perspective of the Southern Cotswolds and you will have an unforgettable skydiving experience with a highly experienced instructor.

£ 286.25



Tandem Skydive from 14,000 feet at Cark, Cumbria


Experience from Flights4all

Are you ready for the thrill of your life? After a 30 minute briefing you will be climbing aboard the skydiving plane and flying up to 14,000 feet for the jump. Instructor will deploy; fly and land your parachute so you just have to enjoy!

£ 273.75



Tandem Skydiving at Old Sarum, Wiltshire


Experience from Flights4all

Experience the rush of falling through the sky at 120 mph doing a tandem skydive. Join us for the time of your life!

£ 259.00



Tandem Skydive to 7,000 feet at Dunkeswell, Devon


Experience from Flights4all

Save money on this Experience£ 213.15

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