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Flights in a Spitfire - make it happen!

Aviation Quiz

How much do you know about the world of aviation? Test your pilot's knowledge in our 5 minute aviation quiz. Just answer the ten questions below and we'll let you know your skill level. It's just a bit of fun!

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QUESTION 1. In which year did Concorde enter commercial service?

A) 1976
B) 1978
C) 1980

Wright brothers

QUESTION 2. Which of the Wright brothers is recognised as the first person to fly in a powered aircraft?

A) Wilbur
B) Steve
C) Orville

Greek mythology

QUESTION 3. Which Greek figure flew too close to the sun and fell from the sky?

A) Apollo
B) Daedalus
C) Icarus

Atlantic flight

QUESTION 4. Who was the first person to fly solo across the Atlantic?

A) Charles Lindbergh
B) Charles Yeager
C) Amelia Earhart

JUmbo Jet

QUESTION 5. What is the standard two class seating capacity of the Boeing 747-400, the Jumbo Jet?

A) 486
B) 568
C) 658

Hot air balloon

QUESTION 6. What is the altitude record for a hot air balloon?

A) 45,000 feet
B) 55,000 feet
C) 65,000 feet

Helicopter cockpit

QUESTION 7. What does the aileron on an aircraft control?

A) Roll
B) Pitch
C) Yaw


QUESTION 8. Which aircraft is, for most pilots, now as in WWII, the one they have to master before flying solo in a Spitfire?

A) Tiger Moth
B) Stearman
C) Harvard


QUESTION 9. The R22 is a popular training helicopter. How many people can it take?

A) Two
B) Three
C) Four


QUESTION 10. A microlight aircraft which is controlled by moving the fuselage about under the wing is known as:

A) A three-axis
B) A flexwing
C) A paraglider


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