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Flying lessons and pleasure flights all over the UK

Pleasure flights
Most of our pleasure flights happen in swish jet-powered helicopters, although we do have some light aircraft and of course balloons.
Flying lessons
Our good looking flying instructors have nerves of steel and they've seen it all. They can show you how to fly a helicopter, an aeroplane, a glider, just about anything.
Did you know there are two types of microlight? Both are fantastic fun, and both are noticeably cheaper than aeroplanes
The boss says this is the best thing he's ever done in an aeroplane! Most of our aerobatic machines also have the charisma of being ex-military.
Vintage aircraft
Leather helmet on, goggles adjusted, chocks away! Classic, timeless, style and very often she'll handle beautifully.
Silent flying
Gliders, balloons, paragliders, hang gliders. We have many and various ways to go flying, quietly.
We can get you up close and personal to a Spitfire in the air. Or fly a Harvard - 'the pilot maker' - every Spitfire pilot's trainer.
Weird and wonderful
Even for us, some ways of getting airborne can seem a bit odd. Autogyros, wing walking, hovercraft, skydiving, we've got the lot