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Flights in a Spitfire - make it happen!

Flying lesson and pleasure flight gifts with immediate delivery

If you're stuck for a gift idea for the person who seems to have everything, then a flight gift voucher could be just the answer to your dilemma. And don't worry about waiting for the voucher to arrive - we can email the full information pack and your gift voucher WITHIN THE HOUR!

All of our aerial events are bound to thrill, so simply choose an experience in the recipient's local area from the choices below.



What type of aerial thrill are you looking for? Whether you are looking for a soothing flight or an aerobatic adventure, find it here:

In your area


We have trial lessons available across the UK; find a suitable event in your local area. Search your chosen county for a suitable event:

Events at your local airfield


If you are lucky enough to live near an airfield, then why not look them up here and see what they have to offer?

Search by price


Looking for an event in a certain price bracket? Search here. Ideal for competition prizes.

You can also search more broadly, by region of the UK, or for group events.

Uncertain what to get? Hotseat Coupons are the flexible solution you need! Select a versatile gift pack valid for flying experiences across the UK with a choice of values from £25 to £300. Let your recipient decide which of over 1,000 Flights4all flying experiences they wish to get with their Hotseat Coupon.

EVEN MORE CHOICE Hotseat coupons are now also valid in exchange for any experience on our sister sites Driving4all, Shooting4all and Horseriding4all !

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