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How the Flights4all Service Works

Find out in this section how to select a flying event that is suitable for you or the intended recipient, how to confirm your details and pay, and also what you will receive after your purchase. We also give you some ideas for follow-up activities once you've had your flying experience.

Choosing your event

From the Flights4all home page you can search for events in your region (or the recipient's region) that may be of interest. If you would like to do a more detailed search then the search page allows you to search by:

  • county
  • region
  • price range
  • airfield
  • experience type

Each event provides a full description of the activity, including the location, aircraft type, the total duration and the estimated time in the air. Any restrictions or special conditions that need to be met by the voucher holder should be carefully noted. Events will be sold as gift vouchers which have a limited period of validity. In addition, vouchers can be transferable, meaning that any person presenting the voucher can book and enjoy the flight, or non-transferable, in which case the voucher will bear a named individual.

If you prefer to keep your options open, then a Hotseat Coupon gives the holder the flexibility to choose the type of aircraft and the location at a later date.

Purchasing your experience

Once you have selected your desired flying adventure, you can proceed to make payment. You will need to give us the contact details of the recipient, and decide whether you wish the voucher to be delivered by post or electronically. There is an additional handling charge for vouchers which are delivered by post.

Once we have collected all your information you will be presented with a summary of your event and the mailing details. Please check them carefully, before progressing to the e-logbooks WorldPay payment gateway, where you can enter your credit or debit card details securely online. Alternatively, you can post us a cheque together with your order.

After successfully payment, we will immediately email you a receipt for your records. We will also inform your flight provider of your purchase and your voucher number, so that they can confirm your booking and flight details.

The recipient will then receive the following:

  • the gift voucher, specifying the details of the flight
  • an information sheet advising them of the steps required to book the event and to redeem the voucher
  • a copy of the Flights4all Terms and Conditions

Hotseat coupons

Flights4all Hotseat Coupons give the holder the indicated discount to be used against the purchase of any flying experience listed on the Flights4all web site. Find out more about redeeming Hotseat Coupons.


Flights4all hope that you will be entirely satisfied with your flight voucher, but if not, we will refund you the cost of your gift voucher provided that that you - the purchaser - notify us within 14 days of purchase; please email us. There is an administration charge of 10.00 + VAT for all refunds.

Arranging your flight

The Flights4all partner operator who will be providing your flying experience is named on the voucher, together with their telephone number. The operator may have other ways to contact them, for example by email, and these can be found in MyVoucher. You should arrange your flight as soon as convenient, as flying schools and clubs can be busy.

Making a booking

To arrange your flight, simply contact the Flight Organiser listed on the gift voucher. Please be aware that your booking might be cancelled or rearranged at short notice due to weather or other conditions affecting flying on the day. This is for your safety, so please check with the organiser before setting out.


Due to the nature of the events on offer, you must be prepared for possible cancellation at short notice. It is the responsibility of the voucher holder to ensure that the arranged booking has not been cancelled prior to setting of for the venue. Unfortunately Flights4all is not able to pay any refund or compensation resulting from cancellation of an event for any reason.

After the experience

After your flight, we would be delighted to hear how you got on. Or, if you have some great photos from your experience, we'll be very happy to see them and maybe even add them to our Customer's Gallery.

Why not make a permanent record in your own personal flight log book by visiting e-logbooks and adding your flight record into your own personal flying log?

If you would like to develop your flying experience further then ask at your flying school about flying lessons and qualifying as a private pilot.

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