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Flight Models

While planning your first flying lesson why not get some practise in with these scale models? They really do fly!


  • Megatech Avion R/C Plane

    Durable entry-level RC airplane

    Megatech Avion R/C Plane
    Converting your dining room into Heathrow Terminal 5 with the most advanced remotely controlled indoor plane on the market. Easy to set-up - it's fully assembled out of the box - it'll take to the blue skies (or beige skies, depending in the colour of your livingroom) within moments. It turns on a sixpence, too, making it beautifully designed for even more beautiful twists, turns, dives and stunts.

    Lightweight yet sturdy, it's easy to control with simply spiffing amounts of lift and total stability in the air. So it won't be long before even the novice pilot enjoys death-defying levels of daring aerobatics. Not to mention simulating all manner of last-minute crash landings just by the perimeter fence of your improvised bedroom Heathrow.

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  • Hydro Fly Remote Control Aeroplane

    Hydro Fly Remote Control Aeroplane
    This unlimited hydroplane racer takes off into the air from water, or any other hard surface like concrete. With a simple tap of a button your Hydro-Fly will climb skyward at your command! Yes, you just read that correctly. You name it: speed, incredible acceleration, and unbelievable maneuverability and the Hydro-Fly has got it - on land, on water and in the air -all wrapped up in one wild, ready-to-run R/C vehicle.

    Comes with a free flying lesson and live telephone flight instruction from trained Megatech Flight instructors you will be up and running in no time. With all of this you will soon be a master controller having hours of fun.

    This unique Remote Control HydroFly Aeroplane is the only plane that can take off and land on any surface including water, for under £55.00!! Incredible versatility, value for money and fun all rolled in to one.

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  • Top Gun Micro Fighter

    Top Gun Micro Fighter
    Wasn't Top Gun a great movie? Tom Cruise, a few Kenny Loggins songs, and a load of screaming military jets.   Thanks to the Top Gun MicroFighter, you can finally fulfill your harboured ambitions to fly a fighter jet

    Based on an F-22 Raptor (today's equivalent of the F-14 Tomcat), this titchy but highly advanced little R/C aircraft is fully licensed by the Top Gun gang and it allows you to re-enact all your favourite moments from the mucho-macho movie.

    Featuring advanced digital throttle and directional control, the blink-and-you'll-miss-it, dual-channel MicroFighter is capable of performing all kinds of outrageous jet fighter-style stunts. Like, awesome!

    Twin engines deliver massive thrust and a removable landing gear even lets you take-off and land without a helping hand. Which is just as well because you'll need a spare hand to high-five the park keeper as your winged wonder screams through the skies.

    Apart from enrolling in an elite military flying school, we can think of no better way to experience the pant-wetting thrill of piloting a supersonic fighter jet.

    Speed is approx 25 km/hour feet. Airship can carry approx 30gms in weight.

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  • Blimp Bomber Helium Airship

    Blimp Bomber Helium Airship
    This fantastic blimp bomber takes blimps to another dizzy height. Not just a standard airship this model can rise and fall, spin 360 degrees and drop foam bombs.

    It's amazing fun and comes complete with a target mat so that you can increase your skill of have competitions to see who has the best control.

    This new helium airship pack comes with two bodies. Patterned or silver body so you can choose which ones best The craft has a specially designed gondola that incorporates three thruster motors to control movement and with an easy to use remote control it won't be long before you're up up and away. Remote control thrusters will power flight forwards, backwards, rise and fall to give complete control over your airship.

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  • TandemZ-1 Micro Chopper

    TandemZ-1 Micro Chopper
    You can never have too much of a good thing. And that's just as well because we can't get enough of all these micro RC choppers. But just when we thought we'd seen 'em all, in woka-wokas the small but mighty TandemZ-1. Based on the awesome Sea Knight tandem rotor helicopter, this is the undisputed daddy of micro 'copters, yet it's still only 17cm long.

    This is the world's first twin-rotor micro chopper and just like its single rotor siblings, the Tandem is charged via a dual purpose infra red transmitter. But that's where the similarities end, because twin rotors require all sorts of technical jiggery-pokery in order to work effectively.

    For starters the Tandem utilises 3 channels (for up, down, forward and backward movement) and a dual trim system (for pitch and yaw), so novice pilots need not apply. It also boasts a sophisticated gyroscopic mechanism plus unique tilting rotors for additional control. Don't despair if you're inexperienced in the flying department because the Tandem comes with a pair of transparent blades that act as training aids. Just clip them on the front and rear of the fuselage when you're learning. Think of them as stabilisers minus the stigma.

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  • The world's smallest R/C helicopter!

    The mini Hughes 300 Fairy helicopter

    Brand New in the U.S! The mini Hughes 300 Fairy helicopter is the world's newest, smallest and lightest RC Helicopter you can get! At only 5" long it easily fits in the palm of your hand, is fully functional and has the same classic design as the Hughes 300 helicopter that has become so famous in the RC world. It has 2 transparent windows so you can see the cockpit, landing gear and a tail shaft stabilizing fin for better control. The mini Hughes 300 charges directly from the controller which uses "AA" batteries and has a full-function trim control for the perfect flight. Get one today before they all fly away!

    Hover and fly with ease! Simply take it out of the box, set the batteries, and you have lift-off anywhere you want in your house! Designed to fly indoor, this new gadget is one of the smallest high-tech helicopter that flies like the real thing! This radio remote controlled copter can soar, dive and even hover in one place! Highly stable too!

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  • Samurai Freestyle Aerobatic Stunt Kite

    Samurai Freestyle Aerobatic Stunt Kite
    The rather superb Samurai Freestyle model introduces us to additive world of stunt kiting.  It's immensely easy to use, can be launched by one person and with 25 metre lines is ideal for close control. A full step-by-step guide is included, so even the most notoriously clumsy kite flyers can make sense of it all, and, if you'll pardon the expression, get it up.

    It's super-strong. The kite's 6mm carbon skeleton and 42gr ripstop fabric lend it maximum robustness and flexibility, helping it retain its shape when we crashed it into the deck at about 27mph.

    Finally, it's devilishly easy to control, performing radical moves even without too much strain on our under-developed wrists.   Two splendidly designed wrist strap handles provide enhanced security and comfort, even when under tension in full combat mode. There you have it. One stunt kite. One big hill. One happy novice pilot.  Sayonara!

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