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Multimedia training

This multimedia ground school training software makes a great gift for the budding private pilot.

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JAR Groundschool Examiner

The JAR PPL Exam Tutor is a complete, multimedia, home study course for passing the CAA-JAR PPL Ground School Exams.

The PPL Groundschool Examiner has been carefully designed to simulate CAA Exam conditions, offering you multiple choice exam questions with a number of options, often similar in nature, to ensure you understand the meaning of each topic.

This essential piece of software for the PPL student is available for Fixed Wing and Microlight. It essentially helps prepare you for your exams in advance, helping avoid exam failure!

Each section thoroughly tests your knowledge of a particular topic and keeps track of your progress. This is important as you have a limited time to complete each exam and you need to achieve over 75% to pass.

The Software shows you the correct answer, should you get it wrong, along with keeping a log of your progress.

Over 1000 Questions and Answers are presented in CAA type Multiple Choice format, allowing you to interactively test yourself in each of the Key Ground school topics.

Topics covered in detail

Aviation Law

  • Legislation
  • Operational Procedures
  • Flight safety

General Knowledge

  • Airframe
  • Powerplant
  • Systems
  • Instruments
  • Airworthiness
  • Principles of flight

Human Performance

  • Physiology
  • Psychology

Performance and Planning

  • Mass and balance
  • Performance

Meteorology Topic

  • Atmosphere
  • Pressure, Density and Temperature
  • Humidity & Precipitation
  • Pressure and Wind
  • Cloud Formation
  • Fog, Mist and Haze
  • Air Masses
  • Frontology
  • Ice Accretion
  • Thunderstorms
  • Flight over mountainous areas
  • Climatology
  • Altimetry
  • Meteorological Organisation
  • Weather Analysis and Forecasting
  • Weather information for Flight Planning
  • Meteorological Forecasts


  • Navigation
  • Radio Navigation
  • Communication
Multiple Choice questions

"The interactivity makes the assimilation of the finer points easier to digest and helps bring out the information in the on-line manuals. Instructor believes I spend every waking hour reading the manuals (I have not told him there is an easier way....yet!) Thank you for an excellent piece of software." S.E. (Lancashire)

Typical System Requirements

PC (Pentium III+ preferable), 16+ speed CD-ROM, Minimum 128 Meg RAM, 16 million Colour SVGA Monitor running 800x600+ resolution, Minimum 1 Megabyte of hard disk space, a Mouse, Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP. You will need a browser (IE 5+). Soundcard and speakers preferable.

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JAR Groundschool Examiner The PPL Exam Tutor covers every major element of the Ground School Course for the PPL, including carefully explaining the Syllabus and what you must learn. Over 500 pages of concise data, video and superb graphics. The PPL Exam Tutor is structured to mirror the PPL Syllabus and therefore makes it easy to learn each topic without having to work through lots of irrelevant information to find the learning material you need - It's all there in the Software.

The PPL Exam Tutor Microlight version covers all aspects of the Ground School Course for the PPL(A), including carefully explaining the syllabus and what you must learn. Produced in association with BMAA FIC Instructor David Young (Ex.CAA Examiner and Chairman of BMAA Training Committee) and Pegasus Aviation Ltd.

  • Unique PPL (BMAA) Learning Aid - Mirrors BMAA and CAA Syllabus
  • All Major Ground School Topics Covered with over 500 pages of superb graphics, video, sound and text
  • Over 25 mins of training video (ground & air) included
  • All Major Microlight Checks Covered (Pegasus)
  • The Navigation Computer (CRP1) explained
  • Radio Telephony covered
  • Full Cockpit Instrument Simulator
  • Over 250 megabytes of superb training materials to make the PPL Groundschool easier and more enjoyable
  • Over 100 Internet Links to additional learning information
  • Full printing facility (In colour if you have a colour printer)
  • Full support and updates available from the Internet
  • Compatible with Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT and ME

What they say about the PPL Exam Tutor
"The multimedia approach to training in your own home I found most inviting. With interactive tests, animation, simulation, videos and sound I have passed two exams per week since receiving your software" Mr M. M. (Chichester, West Sussex).

"I got the CD working and already I have managed to pass two of the ppl exams. 100% in HPL, 95% in Air Law. The CD is really excellent" - I. Ryan (Ireland).

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