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Practise your flying skills at your PC or games console in advance of taking to the air for real.

We have a range of flight simulators suitable for PCs or games consoles.

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  • Secret Weapons Over Normandy


    Secret Weapons Over Normandy
    Everyone's doing their part for the war effort. Yours just happens to be most dangerous and highly classified. In this intense WWII action-flyer, you'll join a secret, elite fighter squadron. Your mission: thwart the most insidious plans of the Third Reich.

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  • Iron Aces 2

    PlayStation 2

    Iron Aces 2
    This is the story of the desire for supreme flight speed. The story, spanning half a century, of the quest for air supremacy. The story of the fighter plane.

    The story begins in 1945, at the end of the Second World War, when aircraft had evolved as far as they could. The years that followed saw the advent of jet aircraft, and missiles, leading to the evolution of modern-day aircraft and fighter planes. So many famous aircraft have cast their fearsome yet graceful shadows over 20th-century skies.

    Woven together, their stories tell the history of aerial warfare. The aim of this game is to recreate that history through combat flight simulation.

Books Videos DVDs Art Models Games Groundschool

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