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Cockpit Coupons

If you want to give a flying event as a gift, but are uncertain what your recipient really wants to fly, then Flights4all cockpit coupons are the perfect solution.

Cockpit coupons are the ideal answer to that awkward birthday or anniversary gift suggestion. What could be a bigger surprise to a loved one than giving a fabulous day out in the cockpit and at the controls of their own aircraft?


Our transferable Cockpit Coupons deliver complete flexibility for the coupon holder to choose when, where and what to fly, and even who gets to be the pilot!

If you know your recipient is mad about flying, but you're not sure what type of aircraft they would like to experience, then Flights4all Cockpit coupons are the ideal gift. Likewise, if you're uncertain where and when they will want to fly, you need a Cockpit coupon.

How Cockpit Coupons work

Cockpit coupons Redeemable against any Flights4all flying event as well as any driving experience on our sister site Driving4all
Cockpit coupons Anyone can use the Cockpit Coupon
Cockpit coupons Valid for 12 months

Cockpit coupons

Choose your cockpit coupon

Choose the coupon that best suits your needs:

Cockpit 25, £25.00
Cockpit 50, £50.00
Cockpit 75, £75.00


Cockpit 100, £100.00

With this Cockpit Coupon your recipient has a choice of 289 experiences under £100.00.

Cockpit 125, £125.00
Cockpit 150, £150.00
Cockpit 175, £175.00


Cockpit 200, £200.00

With this Cockpit Coupon your recipient has a choice of 892 experiences under £200.00.

Cockpit 225, £225.00
Cockpit 250, £250.00
Cockpit 275, £275.00
Cockpit 300, £300.00

Cockpit coupons Want to give the ultimate gift experience? Why not club together with a group of friends and each purchase a Cockpit coupon to give to the recipient? Giving four Cockpit 50's would allow the recipient a fantastic choice.

Things you need to note about cockpit coupons

  • Cockpit coupons are only valid for a limited period. Please be sure you use them before they expire. Expired coupons have no value.
  • You can use your coupons in part of full payment for any experience advertised by Flights4all directly on the Flights4all website. Coupons cannot be redeemed against any third party promotions or products.
  • Where the value of a coupon is greater than the value of a flying experience, any remaining coupon value is forfeited.
  • Coupons cannot be redeemed for cash.

Already have one or more Cockpit coupons? Find out how to redeem them.

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