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Flights in a Spitfire - make it happen!

A go in a spitfire? It's not going to happen, but you can definitely build your own!!

* The classic plastic kit made famous by James May
* Includes paint, brushes, and glue
* Despatched in a jiffy, in a jiffy bag
* Price includes post and packing and VAT

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About Flights in Spitfires

About Spitfires from Flights4all The Spitfire is the most famous British fighter of World War II and has an enduring appeal for aviation enthusiasts everywhere.

Production of some 40 different variants of the Spitfire took place throughout WW II and after. They served in every combat area, operating as fighters, fighter-bombers, reconnaissance aircraft and carrier-based fighters with the Royal Navy.


There is only a handful of 2-seater Spitfires in the world, and just three of these are flying in the UK. In addition, to be able to offer trial lessons, any aircraft must have a public category licence, and the instructor too must be licensed to take paying passengers. Presently these two conditions are not met for any Spitfire in the UK. So, unfortunately, the chances of arranging a flight in a Spitfire are pretty slim. However it is possible to arrange solo displays for individuals; for more information see the Grace Spitfire website or Anthony Hodgson's PT462 website. The third 2-seat Spitfire is based at East Kirkby and owned by a private collector; it too is occasionally flown at displays.

Flights in a Spitfire - make it happen!

Join our campaign to get aviation enthusiasts into the cockpit of Spitfires again!



Fly with a Spitfire

Yes. We really do mean it. This is your chance to get up close to one of these wonderful flying machines in the air.


Photographer Whether young or not so young, who doesn't feel an emotional link with this magnificent aircraft. Whether from personal experience; parents/grandparents tales or war time films it really is hard to not to feel something when we see these wonderful machines in action. Add the sound of being up close and it is almost too much to bear - a very emotive experience..


From the comfort of an executive helicopter you will be flying alongside BM597, the Mk Vb Spitfire of the Historic Aircraft Collection, normally flown by Charlie Brown, one of the most experienced Spitfire pilots in the world. As we fly, the Spitfire will chase our helicopter across the Kent countryside - a thrilling sight as she flies by close enough to exchange a wave with the pilot!


Marvel at her manoeuvrability even 70 years on, she takes your breath away. With a little imagination, you will feel what it must have been like to meet up with a Spitfire - either as friend or foe.


Our 'Fly with a spitfire' experiences go from two bases in Kent and start at just £441.25:
    Fly alongside a Spitfire £441.25
    Battle of Britain Memorial flight with Spitfire £566.25
    White Cliffsand Memorial flight with Spitfire £813.23
    Extended White Cliffs experience with a Spitfire £1,310.06



Harvard flying lesson

There are alternatives that we can offer which will give anyone a fantastic experience. If the interest is in historical aircraft then you could arrange a flight in a Tiger Moth. If you are seeking the sense of speed, agility and the g-forces that an aircraft can offer, then we have an unbeatable choice of aerobatic flights led by ex-RAF flighter pilots and UK aerobatic champions. Or, you might wish to fly the most powerful aircraft in our collection, the mighty WW II Harvard "Texan" - this is the demanding aircraft that every Spitfire pilot has to master first.

Harvard flight Find out more about flying a Harvard

If you are determined to fly, and you want achieve an experience as close as possible to the unattainable reality of a Spitfire flight, then you need to select a flight in an Extra 300 - rated by many pilots as easier to fly and even more delightful than the original Spits.


Spitfire Mark I/II
Revell 1:32 scale model kit

Scale Model Spitfire
Single engine fighter from 1938. Length 282mm, Wing Span 348mm with 82 parts.


See also See also: light aircraft.





  • Spitfire Ace

    Martin Davidson, James Taylor

    Spitfire Ace
    The Battle of Britain, 1940, was one of the most famous air battles in the history of warfare and it is a story of ruthless organisation, brilliant control and command. But at its heart is one particular figure, a legend ever since. The RAF fighter pilot. And one particular plane - a piece of machinery that has almost mythic historical glamour - the Supermarine Spitfire. Accompanying a Channel 4 series of the same name, "Spitfire Pilot" reintroduces us to the few that flew in the Battle of Britain and includes interviews with 25 of the 35 remaining veteran Spitfire pilots. Combined with a historical narrative of the events surrounding the Battle of Britain, the reader learns what is was like to fly a Spitfire and to experience combat flying at its most visceral. Illustrated with over 80 photographs and contemporary archive material, "Spitfire Pilot" provides a vivid portrait of the fighter boys and their finest hour, their planes (including Spitfires, Hurricanes and Messerschmitts) and Fighter Command - RAF versus the Luftwaffe.
  • Fight for the Sky: The Story of the Spitfire and Hurricane

    Douglas Bader

    Fight for the Sky: The Story of the Spitfire and Hurricane
    Pen and Sword Books are proud to be re-issuing this the only book that the legendary 'legless' ace Douglas Bader (immortalised by the film Reach For The Sky) wrote. He tells the inspiring story of the Battle of Britain from the viewpoint of 'The Few'. Using superb illustrations he traces the development of the Spitfire and Hurricane and describes the nail-biting actions of those who flew them against far superior numbers of enemy aircraft. As an added bonus, other well-known fighter aces including Johnnie Johnson, 'Laddie' Lucas and Max Aikten contribute to Douglas's book, no doubt out of affection and respect. This is a really important contribution to RAF history by one of the greatest - and certainly the most famous - pilot of the Second World War.
  • Spitfire into Battle

    Ian Duncan Smith (Foreword), Group Captain W.G.G. Duncan Smith

    Spitfire into Battle
    Group Captain Duncan Smith flew and fought in front-line operations continuously from the Battle of Britain through the struggle for Malta, the invasion of Italy and the liberation of France. In this personal and exhilarating account, the reader experiences first hand the dramatic story of the air war from the cockpit of the now legendary spitfire.

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  • The Story Of The Spitfire

    Pegasus Studio, DVD

    The Story Of The Spitfire
    The definitive documentary of the Spitfire which fought in the frontline throughout the War.
  • Spitfire / Hurricane

    International Licensing and Copyright Ltd., DVD

    Discover the history of the Spitfire and Hurricane.
  • Thunderbirds Of World War II - Spitfire

    VHS Video, PAL

    Thunderbirds Of World War II - Spitfire
    The early development of the spitfire from the 1930s to its involvement in the air battle over southern England in the 1940s.

Gift directory Find more aviation books, videos and DVDs in our Gift Directory

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