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All About Gliding

Gliding Nothing can quite compare to the elegance of silently soaring across the countryside.

Gliding gives you a truly unique and personal experience as you use the power of the extensive energy stored in local weather systems to glide and soar. With practise, gliding can take you hundreds of miles across the country's ever-changing scenery in a single trip.



If you are aged 16 or over, gliding is a fantastic sport to discover how it feels to soar through the sky like a bird. Learn how to use the air currents to maximise your time aloft and travel at up to 150 mph across the beautiful UK countryside.

See also See also: microlighting and hang gliding.


Learn to Fly

CAA Multimedia PPL pilot training software - microlight & fixed wing.

First Light

A World War II fighter pilot's extraordinary memoir.

Flying Lessons UK

Huge range of flying lessons from all corners of the UK.

Gifts for Aviators

Great gift ideas for the aviation enthusiast or pilot.


Thrilling on- and off-road driving experiences around the UK.





  • Beginning Gliding (Flying and Gliding)

    Derek Piggott

    Beginning Gliding
    This manual is intended for budding and improving glider pilots and as a resource for gliding instructors. It views the whole process from the perspective of a beginner tackling all the difficulties and concerns experienced by them head on, including the fundamentals of gliding, how to learn them and how they should be taught.
  • The Glider Pilot's Manual

    Ken Stewart

    The Glider Pilots Manual
    This is a detailed flying training manual for glider pilots. All aspects of training for the Glider Pilot's Licence are covered in detail. It is a complete manual for the beginner leading him/her through the flying training, giving enough technical information for the various Principles of Flight examinations which need to be passed, and introducing basic soaring.
  • Understanding Gliding (Flying and Gliding)

    Derek Piggott

    Understanding Gliding (Flying and Gliding)
    A study of gliding, exploring how and why a glider flies. Written by a gliding instructor, it seeks to demystify the theory behind the subject. This fourth edition is updated to include developments in technology and high-performance gliders.
  • The British Gliding Association Manual of Gliding (Flying and Gliding)

    Steve Longland

    The British Gliding Association Manual of Gliding (Flying and Gliding)
    As the official manual of the world famous British Gliding Association, this book is compulsory reading for all pilots and instructors. Highly illustrated and designed to be user-friendly, it guides the user through a comprehensive range of key subjects. 'Must-have' information is highlighted which, together with the less critical material, provides an authoritative and cutting-edge resource which can be studied or dipped into as required. Making complex topics comprehensible and including 400 illustrations to enhance the explanatory material, this is the manual of gliding.

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