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About Aerobatics

Aerobatic flights from Flights4all

Whether a spectator on the ground or sitting in the cockpit next to an experienced pilot, Aerobatics represents one of the most thrilling of all aerial entertainments.

A trial lesson will give an intimate insight into the scale of the G-forces and disorientation that aerobatic pilots are able to endure, while maintaining complete control of their versatile aircraft. And at the same time executing complex aerial manoeuvres!


Aerobatic experiences from Flights4all

You have a choice of aerobatic aircraft when you purchase a flying experience from Flights4all. Typical aircraft used in aerobatics for fun or for competition include gliders, the Extra 300, the Bulldog, the Pitts Special S2-C and the Yakovlev Yak-18T.

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By its very nature, aerobatics involves risks that are not involved in non-aerobatic flight; but, as with other aviation activities, it is only as safe or dangerous as the pilot makes it. Discipline, planning, common sense, and knowledge are the basic prerequisites to safety.



Aerobatic tailslide

Aerobatics features a wide range of standard manoeuvres as well as a ever-growing collection of new and unique figures. Some of the more common figures include the aileron roll, the barrel roll, the slow roll, the avalanche, Cuban-eight, eight-sided loop, English bunt, hammerhead, Immelman, inside-outside eight, lazy-eight, reverse Cuban eight, spin, square loop, tailslide and wing over. For further details of these manoeuvres and more, see Aerobatic Figures.



  • British Aerobatic Association The British Aerobatic Association was founded on 1st May 1974 to represent the interests of all those concerned with aerobatic flying whether in a powered aircraft or in gliders, by promoting and organising all aspects of competition aerobatics in the UK, including progressive training, proper conduct, furtherance of the sport and arranging contests.


  • The Handbook of Glider Aerobatics

    Peter Mallinson, Mike Woollard

    The Handbook of Glider Aerobatics
    This text provides a reference point for use in conjunction with aerobatic instruction. It aims to help provide an understanding of the important subjects that are essential for safe and successful aerobatic flying.
  • Better Aerobatics

    Alan Charles Cassidy

    Better Aerobatics
    The book is a must whether novice or experienced aerobatic competitor, display pilot or instructor. It's a fairly weighty publication at close on 500 pages, but this is 'no holds barred stuff'. You get the lot!
  • Aerobatics: Principles and Practice (An Airlife Pilot's Handbook)

    David Robson

    Aerobatics: Principles and Practice (An Airlife Pilot's Handbook)
    This text is designed to tempt you to explore the world of aerobatic flight. It shows the basic manoeuvres in simple diagrams and the techniques for those manoeuvres are clearly explained. It also explains the effects of the forces of manoeuvring flight on the aircraft structure and pilot.

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